Dalhousie University

Areas of Research Focus

Soluble mediators

  • Cytokines, chemokines, and receptors in inflammation
  • Eicosanoids as regulators of inflammation
  • Novel adhesion molecule antagonists
  • Autoantibodies in SLE (Lupus)
  • Adenosine and its analogues

Cellular Responses

  • The epithelium in intestinal and pulmonary inflammation
  • Migration of effector cells in inflammation, transplant rejection and during angiogenesis
  • Modulation of cytotoxic T-cell responses
  • Mast cells and the immune response
  • Rejection of allogeneic and xenogeneic cell grafts, ncluding encapsulation methods
  • Islet destruction in autoimmune diabetes

Clinical Studies

  • Cytokine receptor antagonists in Arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Collagenase inhibitors and joint damage
  • Post-operative lung injury



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